Asbestos Air Monitoring Yorkshire

Asbestos Air Monitoring Yorkshire

Asbestos Air Monitoring  YorkshireHere at OM Consultants, we are a multi-disciplined health & safety consultancy, specialising in asbestos risk management. Asbestos Air Monitoring Yorkshire.

Weather defects, reckless job procedures, long-time buildings, and even severe environmental factors can lead to a release of asbestos dust.

Asbestos Air Monitoring Yorkshire is an avenue for quick detection of asbestos potentially carried by air to help prevent or reduce the likelihood of any serious damage.

We understand the intensity of the consequence of airborne asbestos and how it affects our overall health and wellbeing. In this article, we have answered the most frequently asked questions.

What Is Asbestos Air Monitoring?

This is a method of testing for respirable fibres present in the air that contain asbestos. It helps in effectively assessing susceptibility and the best method for management and control. This process is generally undertaken in situations where products that contain asbestos are treated or kept poorly, potentially releasing asbestos fibres into the atmosphere, or in areas where asbestos materials have been evacuated. When it comes to it, only breathable asbestos fibres (fibres less than 3μm wide, over 5 μm long, and a length to breadth ratio that is above 3 to 1) are usually assumed to be risky.

There is an assumption that all fibres identified under a phase contrast microscope which matches specific geometry are asbestos. Additional testing of Asbestos Air Monitoring Yorkshire can sometimes be required to ascertain the chemical makeup making use of special microscopy test equipment.

When Should You Carry It Out?

It is recommended that it should be carried out whenever asbestos containing materials are being evacuated or extracted. Asbestos fibres that can be dispersed by air are usually activated by the decomposition of materials that contain asbestos. This is also a method of rendering assistance for the provision of a quantitative risk analysis.

Whenever an asbestos material can be ground or crushed, or converted to smaller particles or powdered form, monitoring becomes compulsory.

Types Of Asbestos Air Monitoring Yorkshire


This is a method of testing the air to gauge the degree of asbestos fibres present in a region after work or excavation of materials that contain asbestos. Clearance air monitoring is often executed when the degree of airborne asbestos fibres measures as low as 0.01mL.


This entails the testing of air for desirable asbestos fibres before work which may affect known asbestos substances. This is sometimes carried out to ascertain the presence of other fibres in the air.


This experiments the air  within the range of a person’s breathing space to ascertain a person’s likely susceptibility to desirable asbestos fibres. The exposure monitoring is designed to dependably measure the person’s exposure, and then compare with the national standard of exposure.


This involves experimenting with air to gauge the degree of respirable asbestos fibres present in a locale or area during work on materials that contain asbestos. Control monitoring is formulated to test the efficacy of control standards while work or evacuation is undertaken on materials that contain asbestos.


Asbestos Air Monitoring Yorkshire is essential for work safety when dealing with materials that contain asbestos, there are several ways of monitoring air for asbestos. It is important however, to involve those who have a licence for asbestos testing in order to avoid health or work hazards.