Asbestos Consultants Sheffield Yorkshire

Asbestos Consultants Sheffield Yorkshire

Asbestos Consultants Sheffield Yorkshire Here at OM Consultants, we are a multi-disciplined health & safety consultancy, specialising in asbestos risk management. Asbestos Consultants Sheffield Yorkshire.

It is easy to scout for any Asbestos Consultants Sheffield Yorkshire online or just look around the area where you stay and pick any available one. This however is not safe. There are some levels of risk related to hiring a Consultant and it is very crucial to ensure you pick one that’s not just right for you, but best for the job.

What you should know about Asbestos ?

Asbestos is a fibrous component of several common building materials. Although it is safe as a building material while intact, it becomes very harmful when the fibre disintegrates and spreads into the atmosphere. This is because they can inhabit the lungs and airways of building residents, cause deadly illnesses, including lung cancer and other health related issues.

As a result of this, it is essential to perform an asbestos inspection before carrying out any form of demolition or renovation, and also anytime asbestos dust is suspected to be present in the atmosphere. To achieve this, you would need a qualified consultant.


Asbestos Consultants Sheffield Yorkshire that have been trained, certified and has years of experience is capable of providing major services to help make sure that your facilities are safe from contamination by asbestos. These services include;

  • Surveying of asbestos, to help deduce the amount or concentration of asbestos that is present or absent in a building.
  • Testing and laboratory examination of asbestos.
  • Reduction planning of asbestos.
  • Reduction project of asbestos.
  • Drawings, deductions, specifications, and distinctions.
  • Asbestos reduction project supervision.
  • Asbestos systems and supervision strategies.
  • Asbestos awareness exercise for occupants and residents.

What should I look for when choosing one?

When dealing with asbestos, the safety of everyone involved is at stake. Therefore, picking out the right one is very crucial.

To make sure that the work is safely executed, fully and correctly, ensure your consultant has these criteria

  • Experience.

Wide And Deep Experience

It is important that you work with someone who has a wide and deep range of experience dealing with asbestos. This will help them execute a proper job. Asbestos surveillance, projects, and abatement can encompass several disciplines. It is therefore important for your Asbestos Consultants Sheffield Yorkshire to be able to have access to other environmental disciplines that they might need in case they need to address any issue that arises during the process.

Type Of Building Experience

Also, having experience in your type of building is equally important. The types of materials used differ based on the utilization of your facility, as much as the strategy of surveying and reduction. Ensure that the asbestos one you’re about to hire has a proven track record in the type of building you want to handle.

Customer Satisfaction.

In addition to experience, ensure that your consultant boasts of highly fulfilled and satisfied customers.


It is safer and mind settling to know that your Asbestos Consultants Sheffield Yorkshire  is always available and ready to serve you when you need them especially if you handle buildings in different areas.