Asbestos Surveying Todmorden Yorkshire

Asbestos Surveying Todmorden Yorkshire

Asbestos Surveying Todmorden YorkshireHere at OM Consultants, we are a multi-disciplined health & safety consultancy, specialising in asbestos risk management. Asbestos Surveying Todmorden Yorkshire.

According to the United States environmental protection agency, asbestos is a mineral fiber found in rocks and soil. The durability of this fiber and its heat resistance made it popular in the production of construction materials that need to be resistant to heat. But over the years, after numerous findings and health-related cases were reportedly caused by asbestos, regulatory bodies across the globe decided to introduce Asbestos Surveying Todmorden Yorkshire in a bid to curtail its use and the effect it would have if exposed to the living population. There are trained personnel in charge of said surveys. They are experts.

What Is An Asbestos Survey?

Asbestos Surveying Todmorden Yorkshire or assessment is an examination carried out to identify the location and possible amounts of asbestos materials found in a building, structure, or property. This survey is highly recommended for residential buildings or construction sites especially after the occasion of a natural disaster and for older properties because of how dangerous asbestos can be to the human body when exposed to it. It is important to know that asbestos fibers cannot be seen or identified with our naked eyes because it is microscopic, that is why during a survey, samples would be taken from every suspected asbestos sighting, and the area marked to prevent external disturbance. The samples would then be taken to the laboratory where they would undergo a series analysis to ascertain the kind of asbestos found. 

There are two different kinds of Asbestos Surveying Todmorden Yorkshire

  1. The management.
  2. The refurbishment and demolition.

Each of these surveys meets a particular need. Hence you can not use one in place of the other but in some instances, both surveys are used.

The Management 

This survey skill set is one of the easiest ways to curtail asbestos. As the name implies, it aids in the management of asbestos. During this survey, the surveyor ensures that the asbestos-containing material is in good shape, and in situations where said asbestos materials are found in residential buildings, the surveyor would make sure the area it is found is not accessible to avoid accidental disturbance of the place. This method is less intrusive as it does not require an in-depth probe of the building.

The Refurbished And Demolition

Before any building is demolished or reconstructed, it must have been certified asbestos-free. But if that is not the case, then intrusive tests and sampling of possible asbestos-containing materials are carried out to know the kind of asbestos it contains. During this survey, the surveyors are permitted to break walls, open ceilings, and even lift tiles. This is a more intrusive and penetrative approach which is why it is done with caution. It is done with precision to avoid the spread of debris that might contain asbestos materials. The nature of this survey makes it the most effective way of detecting asbestos-containing materials thereby making it easier to reduce or eliminate them. 


It is essential to carry out a survey for your organization in order to prevent unforeseen hazards. In doing so, it is crucial to employ the services of a professional Asbestos Surveying Todmorden Yorkshire.